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U.S. Citizenship

I was born in Brazil and entered the U.S. in 2003 by crossing the U.S./Mexico border near Texas. Shortly after entering I was apprehended by the U.S. Border Patrol, detained, and placed in Removal proceedings. When I consulted with Mr. Nicelli in the year of 2016, I learned that I had been ordered removed in Absentia by an Immigration Judge in Boston, Massachusetts. I did not know I had been ordered for deportation. After agreeing to retain Mr. Nicelli he obtained a complete copy of my records from the U.S. Border Patrol and the U.S. Immigration Court. Upon reviewing the documents received from the Border Patrol the documents indicated that I had been provided an interpreter in the Portuguese language at the time I was detained. Upon learning this information, I informed Mr. Nicelli that I never spoke with an interpreter. Upon further examination of the documents obtained by Mr. Nicelli he realized that the signatures contained on the documents allegedly signed y me did not appear to be mine. As a result, Mr. Nicelli had the signatures on the documents compared to my true signature by a handwriting expert. The report by the handwriting expert verified the signatures were not mine. Mr. Nicelli then filed a Motion to Reopen with the Immigration Court. The Immigration Judge reopened the case, rescinded the Order of Removal, and allowed me to leave the U.S. Voluntarily in order to attend an Immigrant Visa appointment in Brazil. An I 130 Visa petition and I-601A Visa waiver had also been filed and approved before the court proceedings were reopened. I was married to a U.S. citizen for a number of years previously to contacting Mr. Nicelli. Thanks to Mr. Nicelli I am with my wife and family here in the U.S. safe and free.

- Weslely L.

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