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Excellent immigration lawyer!

I was referred to Mr. John Nicelli by another attorney who, after reviewing my case, felt that its level of complication called for a lawyer who knew US immigration law as thoroughly as very few attorneys around, and would give his client his honest opinion on where one stands. In addition to his brilliant mind I found Attorney Nicelli an approachable, sympathetic person with a will to find a beneficial solution to my problem, provided there was any. During all the proceedings for my Green Card through employment, Mr. Nicelli and his team helped my sponsor/ employer to better understand the process of sponsorship, legal issues involved, and to go through all the steps consistently. In retrospect, I think, I owe Attorney Nicelli and his paralegals the biggest credit for a positive outcome of my case. Six years later I called back to ask for assistance with my citizenship application. Mr. Nicelli still remembered my case. I believe , because he cares, because he understands what is at stake for us, immigrants, when we choose this road. Thank you Mr. Nicelli. I am deeply grateful.- Ewa K.

Awesome lawyer!

Awesome lawyer, very, very knowledgeable, and knows how to navigate the legal system very well.- Dr. Mohammed A. 

John is one of the best attorneys in New York City

He has the best service. Whenever he takes any case he makes it a success and make his clients happy. I recommend each and every person who has an Immigration Issue. Please contact him, he will make your life better. - Md Saz

Hard working staff

Mr. Nicelli and his team of paralegals were more than instrumental in my husband's case for obtaining his Green Card. I don't know what I would've done without Mr. Nicelli's kindness, intellect with complicated immigration issues, and advice. Going through the Green Card process is not easy. There are many forms that you have to file, and several consultations with staff that you need to go through in order to submit a successful application. After a few quick meetings, we were able to relay all of this to Mr. Nicelli and his hard working staff for the filing of our paperwork. The entire process was very smooth and we even enjoyed our visits to the office as working with Mr. Nicelli was very personable. We always got in touch with him (even at odd hours) and received prompt responses from Mr. Nicelli that were very on point and helpful. Having Mr. Nicelli by our side at the beginning and end of our journey in obtaining a Green Card was invaluable and I would recommend his services to anyone. Mr. Nicelli's firm was actually referred to us by a good friend and we intend to tell all of OUR friends about him. Everyone wants an attorney through this daunting process that can act as your friend and advocate, and thankfully New York City has Mr. Nicelli! - Jeremy G. 

Most professional firm out there

John Nicelli's law firm is one of the best and most professional firms out there. The entire team has been very kind and professional to me and Monika one of the paralegals there is truly outstanding, she has been taking care of my case and answered any questions I had at anytime, literally I could call in whenever and I know she would have always been able to help me and understand the situation. They truly care about your case, if you're looking for a legal team to represent you for your immigration benefits, This is it!!!!! Thank you so much. - Paul D. 

Very professional and reliable

John and his team were very professional and reliable. John had helped to with my citizenship and it was speedy. His team were especially worth to mention, they are super friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend John's service. - Siralston Y.

Thank you for all the help! 

Grateful to the lawyer John Nicelli for helping with my case and with the case of my 2 children. 100 percent recommended. - Jenny M. 

Professional team

My case was particular and the whole process was very fast and professional. They made everything happen in no time and they know what they are doing! I was treated very well and kindly! I love the whole team and their professionalism!!

Mr. Nicelli changed my life 

I was arrested on July 3, 1996 at the Texas Border. At the time the only language I understood was polish. I was released on a 5,000 dollar bond on July 4, 1996. When I was released I was not given any papers and took a bus to New York where my parents lived. I never went to immigration court and never knew I had to. After marrying in 2006 my husband contacted a lawyer who told me I had been deported and that he couldn't help me. We then went to a second lawyer who told me I had been deported and that he couldn't help me. We then went to a second lawyer who filed a family petition on my behalf. After it was approved he also told us there was nothing to do about the deportation order. Finally we met Mr. Nicelli who told us he would have to investigate what happened in Texas. Well thanks to his efforts he found my signature had been forged on the papers I was supposed to be given when I was released. He contacted a handwriting expert who provided a professional opinion that my signature forged. Based on this verifiable information Mr. Nicelli was able to have my deportation case reopened and filed for me to obtain my green card in the U.S. He went to court with me, and attended my interview at immigration with us. He is also wonderful and honestly I can't say enough about him. Mr. Nicelli you changed my life. I no longer live in fear. Thank you so much for everything. I have told all my friends with immigration problems to call you. - Dorota K. 

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! 

Thank you Mr. Nicelli, you saved my life. I have been working as a chef for more than fifteen years. My other lawyer filed three different sponsorship cases for me. All were denied. I lost more than twenty thousand dollars. Mr. Nicelli got my case approved and finally I am a permanent resident of the U.S. I am planning my vacation to Ecuador in late September. You're the best and most honest lawyer I have ever met. You saved mine and my family's life. There are no words good enough to express my gratitude. - Pedro S. 

Thanks to Mr. Nicelli, I am free

I was in Binghamton New York sitting in my car having lunch with two of my coworkers. The police stopped by and noticed my car had a cracked windshield. The police heard my coworkers and I were speaking Spanish and asked all of us for identification. The state trooper then called immigration and the three of us were arrested. My friend Carlos was deported because he was previously stopped at the border. My other friend Juan and I were detained and released near Buffalo New York. When I met with Mr. Nicelli he told me he would have the court hearing transferred to New York. Not only did he change the court hearing to New York City, he stopped my deportation. I now am free and with my family. After I was in jail I was certain I would be deported, but Mr. Nicelli stopped it. Thank you. - Danny G. 

Life changing experience 

My wife was deported in 2003 after not attending her court hearing. She was required to go to immigration court in Virginia after being arrested at a Social Security office. In 2010 my wife and I moved to Pennsylvania from New York. In August 2013 immigration agents came to our house looking for my wife. When they learned she was eight months pregnant they told her to report to their office the next day. Since I was also illegal, I got arrested. I was later released and called Mr. Nicelli. Believe it or not I now have my green card. I still don't understand the magic Mr. Nicelli did, but I could tell you that the immigration judge was quite impressed. In a few years I hope to become a U.S citizen. Thanks to Mr. Nicelli I could continue to raise my children. I expect my wife will have her green card very soon. I can't tell you how Mr. Nicelli has changed our lives. - Jan C. 

The best of the best 

I have lived in the U.S since I was six years old. I became a green card holder through my father at the time of my entry. Unfortunately, I borrowed a friends van in order to make a delivery of some construction material for a relative. Unknown to me, my friend kept drugs in his van. When I was walking away from the van after parking two undercover cops stopped me and later searched the van. Apparently my friend and his van had been under surveillance. Sure enough drugs were found and I was charged with possession. After my arrest my friend who I knew for a number of years disappeared. As a result I was sentenced to two years in jail. After serving my time I was sent to Immigration custody. My family retained Mr. Nicelli who presented hundreds of pages of documents to the immigration judge, I also testified as did my family members. Thanks to Mr. Nicelli, I'm still here. I was released from custody and still have my green card. If it wasn't for his vigorous defense of me I'm certain I wouldn't be here today. I love Mr. Nicelli and love America.- Daren B. 

The superman of immigration lawyers 

In April 2012 Mr. Nicelli represented, a Honduran citizen, who was arrested for gun possession at the age of sixteen. Since I had some gang affiliation, the criminal court judge sentenced me to eighteen months at a youth detention facility. At the time of my arrest I was the in removal proceedings because I was stopped at the border while trying to enter the U.S illegally. Upon my release I finished high school and attended college. I volunteered my time at the church and obtained a steady job. After having a long and exhaustive hearing before an immigration judge I was granted permanent residence by an immigration judge. Mr. Nicelli filed hundreds of pages of documents in support of the application for adjustment of status convincing the judge to grant the application for adjustment of status. Since, the case was so well documented the U.S immigration prosecutor did not appeal. I know someone in the same situation who had a different lawyer and was already deported. Thanks to the great efforts of Mr. Nicelli I'm still here, I have my green card and a good job. Mr. Nicelli is truly the superman of immigration lawyers. Thanks! - Selvin P. 

The best immigration lawyer

I was required to register with the U.S immigration authorities after the World Trade Center attack. After registering I was placed in removal proceedings. Fortunately you convinced my boss to help me. I still cant believe how you postponed my court case until my sponsorship case was finished. Thanks to you I finally have my green card. I cant tell you how scared I was every time I went to court. Mr. Nicelli however gave me the courage to stand strong. I look at my green card almost every day and feel so thankful for Mr. Nicelli. You're truly the best immigration lawyer. 

  • Mr. Nicelli and Monika were extremely patient in answering all of my legal questions and concerns pertaining to my visas. They were very informative and steered me in the right direction. They helped me to get the J1 visa, then the O-1 and in the end the Green Card. I highly appreciated their adv…

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  • Mr. Nicelli and his team of paralegals were more than instrumental in my husband’s case for obtaining his Green Card. I don’t know what I would’ve done without Mr. Nicelli’s kindness, intellect with complicated immigration issues and advice. Going through the Green Card process is not easy. There…

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  • Amazing! LGBT friendly, he worked with my case and we received everything so quickly. I live in NJ and came all the way to NY so he could work on my case. He is also working on my mother’s case and he hasn’t disappointed us. Highly recommend Mr. Nicelli. Also, Oscar was a wonderful help as well. …

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  • Mr. John Nicelli was honest and did not promise us unrealistic results like other immigration lawyers. My husband went to see him after few app. with other attorneys that promised short,easy and quick process.But we knew that my case is hard and complicated and that did not sound right for us. I …

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  • I also had John Nicelli removed the conditions on my green card and everything was perfect. I had originally filed in Florida and the transition from state to state was flawless. I recommend him to anyone who has any immigration matters.

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  • I will like to say that I used John Nicelli for my marriage case and even today. I am amazed that i have a green card today. I was ordered to leave the country and Mr. Nicelli was able to turn this case around, he was well versed in the current laws which he used to fight my case. I have been to …

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  • I can say with full responsibility that John Nicelli is one of the very few honest immigration attorneys.( I’m sure all the victims of Mark Scher would agree) That’s the most kind, down to earth and knowledgeable in Immigration Law man I have ever met. It was very hard for me to read the previous…

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  • John Nicelli is a GREAT LAWYER, he got my wife processed after we got married. I am so greatful that my life has changed thanks to John Nicelli. I tried others who took my money and did nothing. John took my case and promised me i had nothing to worry about. He called me to update my information …

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  • One doesn’t need to seek out other attorneys in immigration law. You have him right here. To have a case worked on by Mr. Nicelli, it is like winning a lottery if I may say so. You are definitely in good hands. We all know how it feels at the beginning when we don’t have a green card. We are in a…

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  • I was looking for a good immigration attorney to process my change of status. I was recommended John Nicelli. I was very pleased to be treated like a president. John and his staff were not only courteous and professional, they were very helpful in all my questions and my paper work was always in …

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  • I am extremely blessed to have Mr. Nicelli helping me. He is surely professional and knowledgeable in his field, but in addition, he also possesses a candor and bearing that quickly put me at ease. My case was complex and required extensive follow-up and reams of paperwork. He and his staff handl…

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  • We have used Mr. John Nicelli for a case for my husband’s green card. First we went to Mr. Nicelli after another attorney made a mess out of our cases. But Mr. Nicelli after another all his great knowledge of the immigration law was able to make things work out after being denied two times. He ha…

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  • I would like to share with you my thoughts about Mr. John Nicelli. If you are reading this, that means you know him, met him or you are looking for an immigration lawyer. If you are looking for one, then you found the right one for SURE! He is very honest, loyal and you won’t find a better immigr…

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  • My family has been acquainted with John Nicelli’s office for over 10 years now and we continue to recommend him to others. He has helped me with my own immigration status and the usually lengthy process was swift and favorable. Being represented by John Nicelli and the results were invaluable.

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  • Mr Nicelli is one in a million. Mr Nicelli is one in a million. Not only is he honest and true hard working Immigration Lawyer, he is the fastest most efficient office that I ever experienced. Mr. Nicelli makes it happen. He knows what paper work you need to process and is very well aware of timi…

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  • I would like to say that i had a situation with my wife, she was being deported and all the immigration lawyers we spoke to said we could not be helped, of course after collecting her money. We were referred to Mr. John Nicelli Immigration Lawyer in Manhattan. Thank god after reviewing our case h…

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