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Permanent Residency

I am an American citizen who was born in the U.S. and married a Polish man who had overstayed his Visa. When we retained our first lawyer my husband told him that he had been arrested in Poland a few years earlier for fighting in a bar. My husband is a big and strong guy who fought to save his life after being attacked by some drunk patrons in a bar. Unfortunately, he was later charged and convicted for assault as were some of the others. He later was sentenced to serve one year in jail. Before he was sentenced, he was able to obtain a tourist Visa to come to the U.S.

At the time we filled out the papers for my husband to obtain his green card the lawyer told us to not mention the arrest from Poland. AT the interview for his green card we followed the advice of our lawyer and told the Examiner that my husband had never been arrested. After the interview the Examiner told us that everything seemed okay and that we would be getting a letter from Immigration about the case.

A few weeks later we received a letter requesting us to appear for a second interview. At the interview my husband was asked about his arrest. Again, as instructed he denied ever being arrested. The Examiner then showed us an Interpol Warrant concerning the arrest, conviction and sentence from Poland. Within minutes my husband was arrested and taken into custody. Our lawyer denied it was his fault and I fired him on the spot. I was so distraught that I called a friend who recommended Mr. Nicelli after he had won their deportation case which was also complicated. Mr. Nicelli was able to get my husband release from jail on a bond.

The case was later assigned to a different Judge and Prosecutor who were very harsh and didn't care bout me or my husband. Mr. Nicelli had warned me that because of what had transpired it was possible the Judge would deny the case.

Despite submitting over one thousand pages of documents in support of my husband and I, the Judge denied the case and issued an Order of Removal to deport my husband back to Poland. Mr. Nicelli said that he would file an Appeal and promised that he would do everything possible to win. I am happy to say that we won and without Mr. Nicelli I do not know what would have happened.

My husband is now a Permanent Resident and our life has finally returned to normal. Thanks to Mr. Nicelli, many of our dreams are now coming true.

-Dorota M.

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