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Permanent Residency

I entered the U.S. with my two minor children ages four and six after I presented myself to the U.S. Border Patrol at the Texas/Mexico border. At the time I had left my husband who was the father of my two children after his repeated verbal and physical abuse. After I told the Border Inspector my story, they released me and never placed me in proceedings to be deported. At the time I was bruised after receiving a beating from my husband. Being a Mexican citizen and devoted Catholic I was too embarrassed to tell anyone in my family or in my community what I had been going through. If you call the police in Mexico, they often do nothing and think it's a macho thing for women to be abused by their spouses. When I could no longer take the abuse anymore, I left in order to seek a better life in the U.S. for me and my small children. After living in the U.S. for about fifteen years I met a wonderful man who had been born in Ecuador and was now a U.S. citizen. Eventually, we dated, fell in love, and married. My husband then contacted a lawyer who was popular in the Ecuadorian community. They filed all my papers including a waiver to be forgiven for my unlawful presence in the U.S. I was so grateful to my husband and the lawyer who helped us to obtain a Visa appointment for me in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. When I attended my appointment the Office asked me what had happened when I entered the U.S. I told him exactly what occurred as I had told my lawyer.

At the end of the interview, the Officer denied my Visa and told me that I could not be issued a Visa because I smuggled my two minor children into the U.S. I was shocked and distraught at hearing this. I left the Consulate and immediately called the lawyer who told me and my husband that I could file a waiver for me to be forgiven for bringing my children to the U.S. However, they wanted an additional seven thousand five hundred dollars to process the waiver. We didn't have that kind of money especially in consideration of the fact that we had already paid them eight thousand dollars.

Fortunately, my daughter knew another immigration lawyer who she said had a good reputation. After explaining everything to Mr. Nicelli he was upset that the lawyer should have never allowed me to attend the appointment in Mexico knowing that the Consulate is well-known for applying smuggling charges for people who enter the U.S. with their children. Mr. Nicelli prepared the waiver needed with hundreds of pages of supporting documents. My waiver was approved and was even expedited due to my special circumstances. Mr. Nicelli was wonderful. He did everything that needed to be done. Once the waiver was approved within two weeks. I obtained my Visa and returned to the U.S. as a Permanent Resident. I would never trust another Immigration Lawyer other than Mr. Nicelli. He is extremely honest and only interested in getting results. He's really the best and someone to whom I will be forever grateful.

- Flavia G.

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