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In 2008 a client filed for Naturalization without the assistance of an attorney. In January 2009 he was interviewed concerning his application for Naturalization. At the interview he informed the examiner that he had been arrested in 1967 for a minor charge which was dismissed. The examiner requested a certificate of disposition from the court in order to verify that the charge was dismissed. When the alien went to the courthouse he was informed that there was no computerized record for any arrest which took place more than forty-(40) years ago. When he was unable to produce any record concerning his arrest his application for Naturalization was denied. He was informed that he was ineligible for Naturalization. The alien then retained Mr. John Nicelli' s services to resolve the problem. Once retained I immediately filed an appeal. At the interview concerning the appeal I provided an F.B.I. fingerprint report, a N.Y.C. Good Conduct Certificate and verification that the alien was never an inmate in the N.Y.S. Correctional System. In addition I provided other information verifying that the applicant had no pending unresolved criminal arrest. After additional background checks were conducted by the U.S.C.I.S. they finally agreed that we had met our burden of proof and that my client was eligible to become a U.S. Citizen. In Febuary 2010 he attended a Naturalization Oath Ceremony in the U.S. Federal Court Eastern District in Brooklyn, New York and became a U.S.Citizen.

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