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Labor Certification Application / I-140 Immigrant Visa Petition / Adjustment of Status

In early 2001, Mr. John Nicelli was contacted by an employer whom he knew for a number of years. The employer wanted to help a homeless man who was living in an abandoned car outside the employer's business. Despite the man's economic situation John A. Nicelli spoke to this man and learned that he had been an auto mechanic for many years in the Caribbean and had lost his job in the U.S. This resulted in him losing his apartment. Eventually his wife left him as did his children because he was unable to provide for them. John A. Nicelli informed the employer that if he was willing to offer the man employment at his Ambulance Company he would be able to eventually become a Permanent Resident. The employer agreed and a Labor Certification Application was filed on the homeless man's behalf as a mechanic. The application was subsequently approved as was the I-140 Immigrant Visa Petition. John A. Nicelli then filed an application for Adjustment of Status. When the homeless man was granted employment authorization the employer hired him full time. He later became a Permanent Resident. The man now works full time for his employer, has his own apartment, has been able to accumulate some savings and has once again become a productive member of society. He is now back with his wife and family and is forever grateful to Mr. John Nicelli who was entrusted in changing his life.

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