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If you are hoping to bring your family together in the United States, you will likely have to go through the family immigration process. This requires sponsoring your “immediate” or “preference” relatives for a visa. Should you be successful, your sponsored family member becomes a lawful permanent resident or conditional residence if the petition was based on marriage of less than two years. Not only does this permit them to live and work in the U.S. indefinitely, it opens a path to full citizenship and even permits them to sponsor family members themselves.

Petitioning to sponsor family members can be an overwhelming process. If you are not familiar with the nomenclature involved, it can be easy to make avoidable mistakes on your family member's application, which can lead to significant delays or even rejection. No one wants to spend more time apart from their family member than necessary, which is why it is prudent to seek the assistance of our experienced Manhattan family petitions lawyer. Our team at John Nicelli & Associates has successfully processed thousands of family petitions, authorizing numerous clients for green cards, and reuniting them with their families. We are ready to bring our expertise and knowledge to your case.

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Completing your Form I-130 correctly is essential to efficiently navigating the family immigration process. Even a simple clerical error can result in your petition's rejection, prolonging an already protracted process and keeping you separated from your loved ones. Our Manhattan family petitions attorney at John Nicelli & Associates can help you gather the necessary documents and accurately submit Form I-130. If you are sponsoring a preference relative, we can also strategize on how best to efficiently traverse the visa cap. Our team is empathetic to the hardship long wait times can cause, which is why we are dedicated to file successful family petitions as efficiently as possible.

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