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I owe him a lot and cannot thank him enough!

One doesn't need to seek out other attorneys in immigration law. You have him right here. To have a case worked on by Mr. Nicelli, it is like winning a lottery if I may say so. You are definitely in good hands. We all know how it feels at the beginning when we don't have a green card. We are in an endless anxiety of a mental prison overwhelmed with many unanswered questions not having clear and thorough explanations from the immigration lawyers, just pure guessing what we have heard and have read on websites or comparing our case to another person's one who went through the same process. I myself had another attorney but without success. Mr. Nicelli was recommended to me by his client. Without him I don't think I would have a green card today. I can only say the best things about him. Mr. Nicelli represents the true professional in his field to me, who knows what he is doing. He takes clients through the process step by step and is willing to answer many questions over and over again. His behavior is very honest and candid. If he knows right from the beginning that he is not able to help his client he does say so, without dragging a client through a lot of paperwork and hard work on his side and an anxiety on the client's side. He always proposes other options until he finds something where he is absolutely sure he will win the case and will get a "gold' green card for his client. Today I enjoy having a green card with utter happiness and freedom with the notion that I am able to get my dream job here in America. I know it is his profession and a career but I feel I owe him a lot and cannot thank him enough. Only I cannot wait till I meet a person in need with immigration issues, I will highly recommend Mr. Nicelli. I also appreciate and thank his caring staff for the great work

– Bronislava B.

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