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Adjustment of Status

In 2019 I retained Mr. Nicelli after entering the U.S. with a Tourist Visa more than thirty years ago. I eventually met a man who I had a tumultuous relationship with and later gave birth to a baby. Unfortunately, the father of my child not only abused me both physically and mentally but later abandoned me shortly after the birth of our child. Having basically no money to support me and my child and feeling down and out led me to a life of crime. During my crime spree, I was arrested fifteen times for shoplifting. I also used three different names. I later married a U.S. citizen and had two children with him. He was also a corrections officer who I had met during one of the many periods of incarceration at the county jail. After he filed a Visa petition on my behalf which was approved, he died after much suffering.

When I hired Mr. Nicelli I couldn't remember how many times I had been arrested since so many years had passed. Mr. Nicelli through due diligence was able to access archived records from the NYS Department of Corrections which allowed him to calculate how much time was actually spent in jail.

After many hours of research and telephone calls, we were able to locate all arrest records as well. After a thorough review of the facts, Mr. Nicelli filed an application for Adjustment of Status on my behalf together with a waiver for my convictions. Mr. Nicelli was able to demonstrate that what had happened previously was already twenty years old. During the last twenty years, I had led a life free of crime. He was able to demonstrate that I did have good moral character despite my past. As a result, my application was approved and I later became a permanent resident of the U.S. Mr. Nicelli literally saved my life.

- Crystal M. 

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