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Adjustment of Status

Mr. John Nicelli represented two clients from Trinidad, both who were sponsored as Religious Workers before April 30,2001., Unfortunately after their petitions were submitted to the U.S. Immigration Authorities by two different Religious Organizations both were withdrawn by the Religious Organizations Pastors. In the year of "2006" and "2007" both applicants found new Employers to Sponsor them. However the work they were sponsored for was totally unrelated to Ministry work. Labor Certification applications were filed and approved for both applicants as were the I-140 Immigrant Visa petitions. Once the immigrant visas became available Mr. Nicelli was able to file for adjustment of status on behalf of his two clients. Both applications were granted and both applicants and their families are now U.S. Permanent Residents. Mr Nicelli was able to convince the U.S. Immigration Authorities that although both applicants were illegally in the U.S. for many years the original Religious worker petitions filed were properly filed, meritorious and non frivolous. As a result both clients were granted adjustment of status pursuant to section 245(i) of the Immigration and Nationality Act.  (Oct. 25.2010).

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