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Adjustment of Status

In the summer of 2008, a Polish Immigrant came to see Mr. John Nicelli with his twenty year old son.  He showed John Nicelli a decision denying his I-140 Immigrant Visa Petition and a denial of the appeal filed with to the Administrative Appeals office in Washington D.C.  Upon John Nicelli' s review of the documentation submitted he realized that the I-140 could have been approved.  After being retained, John Nicelli filed a petition explaining in great detail why the employer continued to have the ability to pay the prevailing wage. Within a few months the petition was approved and this applicant and his family were allowed to file for Adjustment of Status before the son's 21st Birthday.  In October 2009 the adjustment of status applications were approved and the entire family has received their Permanent Residence.  The applicants' former attorney failed to understand the employer's taxes and failed to explain why the decision made was improper. Had this family not come to Mr. John A Nicelli when they did they likely would have been placed in Removal Proceedings. (June, 2008)

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